Automate Your Sales Funnel With Typeform, Calendly and Zoom

Automating your sales funnel will optimize and scale your lead generation without having to hire additional staff. Improve your conversion rate and strengthen your sales funnel with online powerful tools like Typeform, Zoom, and Calendly.

The sales funnel, a visual representation of a customer journey, is basically a sales process, a revenue channel. It is a process that leads customers through a specific behavior path when purchasing products/services. A perfect lead generation can be done in digital marketing via appropriate marketing campaigns. At each stage of the funnel, each of the campaign tasks should correspond with the customer’s preferences and their purchasing powers. The sales funnel is indeed a step beyond generating traffic and enhancing the business reach. So, how do you improve the conversion rate of a sales funnel? Many of us want to generate effective leads but don’t know the way to craft and execute the plan. As lead generation plays an effective and crucial role in the sales funnel, it becomes necessary to figure out the ways to automate our requirements and implement smart tools for smart objectives.

How to automate the sales funnel


In digital marketing, customers and their choices are our primary focus, so understanding their requirements becomes crucial in customer retention and increases sales growth. For these purposes, there are a few tools which can help us to automate the sales funnel and convert the leads into customers. Improve your conversion rate and strengthen your sales funnel with online powerful tools like Typeform, Zoom and Calendly.

Typeform – gather opinions through surveys

Typeform is a web-based platform. Businesses can use Typeform to collect and share information, generate leads via sharing survey forms with customers and understanding their preferences and requirements. These surveys are anonymous, by default. Hence, Typeform has reinvented and changed the format of the digital marketing segment to know the customers’ mindset. Further, it allows your customers and visitors to enjoy and experience the combined effects of survey questions at a time to understand mind philosophy. In other words, we can say that it is a broadcasted online tool that is specially designed for gathering survey forms filled by people, respondents online in order to know their views on any particular subject.

As per CEO, Mr Joequim Lecha, the Typeform has received a great response from many marketing agencies and entrepreneurs, its completion rates are 5x higher than the normal survey forms.

As the company has launched a new in-build Auto-pilot integration with the Typeform Survey process, it can help you to automate and track follow up messages related to surveys, completions, quizzes and responses over forms. No more manual downloads and uploads – stated by Jason Harmon, the CPO at Typeform.

With an automated sales funnel, you can scale your lead generation without hiring additional staff and focus on providing value and support for your existing customers or clients.

Using Typeform allows you to set the questions and flows in the questionnaire according to your own priority and customers preferences, it also encourages customers to fill the survey forms by setting KPIs of their requirements. With the new Integration, Automating marketing activities has become easier, which could help you in the following ways:

  • Add new contacts who submit the Typeform to Autopilot, marketing automation software.
  • Enable triggers to follow up personalized journeys of customers during the survey, this feature of Typeform is based on responsive data and facts.
  • Send the Typeform according to the prior set timing or at exactly the appropriate period when customers need that in their survey journey.
  • Validate the information entered in the Typeform.
  • Create, customize and target the audience segment as per the Typeform submissions and survey’s responses.

What Typeform can actually do for you?

With the helps of the new integration format, Typeform helps you to enhance public engagement related to all kind of expected online interactions like:

  • Lead Generation
  • Understanding the Customer’s mindset
  • Demo requests
  • Product Samples
  • Market mechanism analysis
  • Product & Services Reviews, Rates & Feedbacks

Many companies are using Typeform to generate leads and to make customers’ experience amazing and satisfying. Hubspot is one of those, who are using this inbound automating marketing survey platform to retain potential customers and automating authenticated leads.

Lisa Toner – A Leads Marketing Head and Admin in Hubspot, Dublin Office is responsible for introducing Typeform. According to her, HubSpot is using Typeform as a unique tool to assist and guide their marketers in order to build highly effective buyer personas & develop a series of preferences questions containing one-page questionnaires, which could be shared with the marketing team and stakeholders.

Typeform helped them to save thousands of dollars and turned the concept of the most viral marketing into an assisting tool. The company needed to set up the Typeform with their other platform to reduce manual process so they used Zapier to integrate Typeform and deliver the responses directly to WebMerge. It helped them to automate their survey emails sent directly to users via links to access users and target audience responses.

Zoom – Reliable cloud platform for video and web conferencing

In a globally connected world, sales is not restricted to physical boundaries. It isn’t always possible to meet and schedule a series of appointments with the clients in person. In these cases you need a platform that eases engagement and closes deals. The Zoom App fits this criteria very well.

Why use Zoom to automate your sales funnel?

  • When a prospect sees your face, they are more likely to empathize with you and listen to you
  • Its screen-sharing feature allows you to present a demo of your software or application
  • You can use virtual backgrounds with company logo and other branding assets in such video calls which also strengthens your brand image as a whole
  • Once you end the meeting, its recording feature allows you to save and download the MP4 recording to your computer or the Zoom cloud

Did you know: automates scheduling for video meetings?

In all possible ways, this wonderful platform can help you automate your sales funnel and enhance your sales growth effectively. With Zoom conferencing, you can make the workflow simple and solve the communication gaps between your target audience and you. Also, Zoom is focusing on giving perfect facilities of analytics that can help you to collaborate your data and trends with the expected outcomes you can get from the target audience.

  • Analytics: It is Zoom’s initial and perfect feature that allows you to analyse the relationship between data and market trends and improve the sales conversion rate effectively. Your team can make data-driven decisions by setting analytical KPIs which could help you to automate data, integrate them with other tasks, understand workflows requirements and prepare an interactive analysis by Zoom collaborative sharing insights.
  • CRM: CRM mode and updates in Zoom is another major feature that allows users to automate, sync and integrate Zoom records with further data to build effective relationships with respondents and prospects effectively.

Zoom is a good authenticated medium to make your customers and clients learn about your marketing efforts. As it is based on the powerful AI algorithm that helps your customers to identify the right channels, it makes your marketing campaigns more customer-centric. You can easily add multiple users by recognizing which channels work best and automate your customer’s journey through this one single platform.

CALENDLY – Schedule an appointment online

Calendly is an online appointment scheduling software that empowers the sales team to improve conversion rates effectively. Calendly is used by many big companies – Apple, Hubspot, Tesco and other IT giants and digital marketing agencies. This automation software is good and easy to use. It is a modern tool that helps you to automate your sales and admin functions which cannot be effectively executed with the manual and human interaction. Calendly allows the sales team to automate work functions whether it would be related to shared meeting schedules, allows logging work time, capture leads, conversion analysis, fix email marketing & campaigns etc. CRM routing and logging have become easier and effective which has increased the workflow efficiency of digital marketers.

Automate your Sales Funnel with Typeform + Zoom + Calendly

Zoom offers video conferencing and can easily be integrated with meeting scheduling tools and calendars like Calendly. This powerful combination helps to automate setting up sales calls.

According to Paul Fairbrother of Adespresso, the power of integrating Zoom increases when it is combined with Calendly.

Typeform, Calendly and Zoom integration can give you the power to book sales deals and automate the call booking process in any time zone. With Calendly, you can reduce drop-off in your sales funnel by immediately sharing a scheduling link (for zoom video conferencing) to leads that fill out your web form (Typeform), or let qualified leads schedule right from your website.


Zoom integration with Calendly allows you to generate a meeting link which they can automatically send to their prospects and schedule a meeting. And these bookings can be pre-qualified and curated from the responses of Typeform data. Integration of Typeform, Zoom and Calendly can enable entrepreneurs to easily schedule meetings or calls without spending time on repetitive time consuming tasks.

For instance, Zapier scheduling has been used by Hubspot to resolve the issues to reduce communication gaps without any single line of code. Calendly allowed them to automate calls and meeting schedules effectively to set the perfect program with their clients and increase website traffic by introducing new services through the webinars.

Calendly can help you to set and arrange perfect scheduled Zoom meetings, choosing trigger actions from Typeform responses. Hence, you can easily connect with your prospects and reduce the communication gaps. This handsome integration can improve your marketing campaign strategies immensely.


Now is the time to rethink your adopted approaches and replace them with above-mentioned tools to automate your sales and marketing activities and enhance conversion activities. With an automated sales funnel, you can scale your lead generation without hiring additional staff and focus on providing value and support for your existing customers or clients.

If you have any doubt that automating your sales funnel is the best move or are unsure how actually to implement an automation setup like this, book an automation audit and we will help you get started.

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Example Site - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is calendly better than other meeting scheduling tools?

All tools have their own pros and cons. The reason why Calendly stands out is it eliminates the traditional way of using email and phone tags for scheduling appointments, calls, interviews, demos, and more.

How Typeform’s drag and drop feature helps in my WordPress site?

Its drag and drop WordPress form builder allows users to create contact forms, online surveys, order forms, donation forms, and other WordPress forms in just a few minutes without writing any code.

Is Zoom.Ai only available in English?

The Natural Language Processing feature in Zoom.Ai can auto-detect which language is being used and respond accordingly. It responds in these five languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.