Need a strategy? We consult and implement digital strategies tailored to your unique problem or goal.
Web Design & Development
We offer user experience design, graphic- and web design. Give us content, and we will carefully place it into the proper space.
Quality assurance and performance analysis of your implemented strategy is essential to ensure continuous growth.

Since 2009, mr noe has designed and developed digital solutions, e.g. websites and web apps, for clients like: Viessmann, United Visions, Neofonie Mobile, Mind-Alliance and WATTx as well as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, ECDPM, Pon, Loyens & Loeff and Vopak together with Qlouder (Google Cloud Premier Partner).

our process

We understand that each assignment is unique.
With us, you work directly with the founder.
This is our process:


In this phase we focus on your business’ pain points and goals for the future. What will happen if you do not solve these issues? How are you dealing with these problems now? What is your growth strategy and plans for the future? Are you a utilizing the internet and digitization to it’s fullest? The digital age is here! Are you ready?


The goal of this phase is to define a rock solid holistic digital strategy. What existing solutions, talent and previous efforts do we already have in place? Are you collecting ideas from your team to include everyone and increase overall acceptance of new initiatives? Are you making decisions based on qualitative data or gut feeling? What are we trying to achieve? How can this be achieved? How do we know we succeeded?


In this phase, we stop asking questions and begin building the solutions. Wire-framing and prototypes are developed and tested around a user centered design philosophy. Your team and target group is active in usability testing of these solutions and we keep improving them until we have a minimally viable solution that solves the problem and achieves the goals.


At this point, we are equipped with thoroughly tested digital solutions that will achieve your business goals and solve the specific problems defined in the discovery phase. Now it is time to make the solutions production ready with final design and development of the digital products. When these are ready, we will do an internal launch and do further usability testing and a strategy check, to make sure we are fulfilling our holistic digital strategy. This will ensure support from your team and satisfy key stakeholders.


Launching the digital solution is not the end! Continuous monitoring of user interaction and performance of the digital solutions are critical to ensure that our goals are met. Continuous A/B testing and granular improvements ensure an evolving digital product that grows and adapts with time as more data allows us to make informed decisions.

Continuous support

You will have a direct line to the founder, who will personally take responsibility for your project and any issues or requests you might have. You will not be neglected and redirected to an insidious ticket-system – mr noe has excellent service. We offer continuous consultation and maintenance service of your digital product, so it stays up to date and safely backed-up in case of hacking or human errors.

The founder

“Since 2009, I have completed over 100 projects for a vast array of eclectic clients and employers. I founded a digital company in the digital nation of e-Estonia, to work efficiently with fellow service providers and experts across the globe to offer the best solutions for my clients. My goal with mr noe OÜ is to add the most value to my clients with the lowest overhead possible.”
– Martin Nørgaard Gregersen, Founder

Martin Nørgaard Gregersen
+49 15 123 66 88 22
Digital Strategy Blog
What is a digital agency?
What is a full service digital agency?
A full service digital agency offers holistic solutions: A plan is not enough, you need a strategy. You do not just need a strong brand, you need to leverage the digital media in any way possible to solve your business problems and achieve your goals in the digital age.
How to make an app
How to make an app
Many of us are searching for the next million or billion dollar idea and surprisingly, the real challenge building an app is not “what should be my app idea?” but “I have an app idea, now what?”… Turn your idea into a plan. Upgrade your plan to a strategy. Do research. Build a prototype — test it. Design, develop, launch!
Convert Visitors to Customers
Convert Visitors to Customers
Turning website visitors into customers is an essential skill in the digital age. A successful digital marketing strategy is not set in stone but should be experimental and data-driven.

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